setlist tunes & songs

All time Irish, Scottish songs and some sea Shanties

A drop of Nelsons blood

The drunken sailor

Donald where's your trousers

The Galway shawl

The Hills of Connemara

Whiskey in the jar

Tramps and Hawkers

Wat zullen we drinken

Kaap'ren varen

The Mermaid

Dirty old Town

Flower of Scotland

Go to sea no more

Spancil Hill

The wild Rover

The fields of Athenry

The Ferryman

Lovely ballads, American songs and some completely different music


Crazy man Michael

Dust in the Wind

Skye boat song


Black is the colour

Ride on

Isle of hope

Game of Thrones

The poor Wayfaring stranger

Ready for the storm

Shady Grove

The Wild Rover ballad

Handsome Molly

Tunes - Jigs and Reels,                                           Hornpipes and  polkas

Out on the ocean

Kesh jig

King of the Faeries

Rights of man

Maggie in the woods

The red haired Boy

Morrison's jig

The Banshee

The Lilting Banshee

Swallow tail

Silver Spear

Merry Blacksmith

Saddle the Pony

Tom Billy's

The Castle